Hi there, I'm Jiaxin.

Thank you for stopping by my site. I just graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a master's degree in Information Studies at School of Information.

This is Jiaxin. I'm a self-driven UX/product designer who is passionate about crafting meaningful, effective, and efficient solutions through bridging insights and design decisions that drive the success of business. I have always had a curious mind that is eager to learn more about users' rationales behind each interaction, emotions and feelings in each event, and perceptions of different cultures. UX design has been attracted to me since I studied nutrition at my undergrad because UX design encompasses many elements of dietetic practices including understanding people's needs and motivations, user-centric approach, and empathy.

My previous experience as a researcher and designer in healthcare, oil field service, advertising, education, and some other real-life projects has gained me a great deal of knowledge, taught me to tackle problems thinking outside of the box, brought me a huge interest and passion working with cross-functional teams, and strengthened my ability in communication. 


I was born and raised in China. I am the second child of five. Food, fitness, and sleep construct most parts of my life. Everything is about balance, isn't it? 

Please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm more than thrilled to grab a coffee and connect!

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