Qualitative Research, Usability Test, Medical & Health

A UX Research Report on AkuteHealth

My Team: Ginny, Ambuj, Lore, Yi-Ju, & Jiaxin
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Project Objectives

#1 To understand the pain points that users have accessing their health information.

#2 How AkuteHealth can help alleviate those pain points.


2 months

My Role

UX Researcher

Heuristic Evaluation

Our evaluation of the Akute Health application utilizes the standards outlined in Jakob Nielson’s “10 Heuristics for User Interface Design”. 

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Competitive Analysis

When investigating competitors, it’s important to look at multiple aspects of the competition. One of the most thorough ways of doing this is looking at both direct and indirect competitors. Competition, whether direct or indirect, will affect the overall potential for a business.

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User Interviews

The Recruitment of Participants

Before recruiting the participants for interviews, we started the recruitment process by formulating the recruitment screener as which is a necessary step to ensure the participants fit the target profiles we created for qualitative research including age, gender, habits, etc.

Interview Scripts

To better prepare the interview session, we initiated and iterated the interview scripts beforehand by getting team's feedback in order to construct clear and non-leading questions

Observations Analysis


Part One

Part Two


Based on the observations and insights from the market research and user research, we proposed four suggestions on improvement of the app.

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