Product Design, Mobile APP Design, & Gardening

A mobile gardening app grows your green thumb

Individual Project, Gardenio


The Gardenio mobile app is designed, in conjunction with Growboxes, to support somebody new to growing food across their food growing journey, which is inherently cyclical. It connects people to the information, supplies, and people they need to be successful. There’s no such thing as a black thumb, just lack of access.


Product Designer 


Oct 2019 - Dec 2019


The Problems

My client believes the growth engine is powered by an active, robust, helpful community, with tools that connect people made for the at-home food grower. There is no organized, specialized place for new (and experienced) food growers to talk to each other and help each other out. Currently, there are Facebook groups, Google Groups, some online forums, a subreddit etc. The entire space is tribal, fragmented, and inconsistent.

How might we leverage people and community to improve people’s growing and social experience with Gardenio?

Project Timeline

I started the project with secondary research and user research in order to help me understand the real situation and identify what are users’ biggest frustrations before I make any design decisions. By unconvering the users’ needs and pain points, I designed the screens targeted to identified themes. After rounds of usability tests and iterations, I presented the high fidelity prototype to my client.

Frame 50.png

Business Model Canvas

To identify the opportunities of improving growers’ experience and thus set forth a successful business, I mapped out the elements to communicate details of Gardenio’s business model which includes the value propositions differentiated from other competitors, various channels to deliver values to customers, strategies for key activities and resources to maximize user experience and revenue streams. 

Business Canvas Model.png



Comparative Analysis - Feature Audit

I conducted comparative evaluations on a couple of direct competitors to identify Gardenio’s position in the market and opportunities to grow. By generating a feature audit list, I pinpointed the similarities and differences between each gardening app.

feature audit list.png

Community Apps for Inspirations

As I was going to build a niche community app for gardener to connect with like-minded people, I also analyzed other apps that leverage community attributes to advocate the resources exchange for inspirations.

meetup logo.png

Meetup is a social platform allows the users to discover events/organizations that are interested to them or organize an event to get people together and make a difference.

Group 79.png

User Profiles

Increase the visibility of the event or community to build trust
Group 83.png

Engage Others

Start new conversations by creating new content
Group 82.png

Important Timeline

Display content in a timely manner
Group 84.png

Direct Messaging

Keep the conversations within the APP

Kitchen Stories is a mobile APP features step-by-step photo instructions and video guides on making various types of dishes and the community for sharing recipes and culinary techniques.

Group 95.png

Video Tutorials

Combining text with photos and video gives better experience
Group 92.png

Categorize the Content

Explore and browse content more efficiently
Group 94.png

Share the Result

Share in the comment to engage the conversation better
Group 93.png

Moderate the Content

Quality content gives visual enjoyment


Findings & Quotes

Followed by the market research, I conducted 6 in-person interviews to better understand potential users’ perspectives to uncover the goals, needs, expectations and frustrations when they come to gardening. In order to learn from different angles, I spoke with 3 self-proclaimed novice growers and 3 experts. We converged the common themes into the following insights:

Expert Grower