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3 Bad Designed Power Strips You Ever Seen

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

There are so many power strips selling on the market are way less useful than they are supposed to be. The reason people paying for a power strip is they need to use at least more than 2 sockets at the same time, otherwise there is no point to buy one. However, the array and interval of sockets usually disappoint me because the strip power is too narrow to make the fully use of all sockets. It doesn’t leave extra or enough space for the cord, not even mention the bulky size charger. Also, there is not enough socket when you realize you have more to plug in.

The power strip in the first picture could be regarded as the worst design of the above three pictures. The sockets are too close to each other, leaving not enough space for big chargers. I believe the other two have already made great improvements on the design. Pic 2 has the rotating function of each socket, which is flexible to different sizes of charger using at the same time. It also adds the USB outlet. Pic 3 has way enough sockets for a household. Some of them may be left unused since they are too close to each other.

Usually, people have no idea how many sockets they may need before buying a power strip. Sometimes they need more, sometimes less. When you try to plug everything on, you realize more sockets needed so you will need to get another one with more sockets. Sometimes, if there one or more short circuit occur, you would probably need to replace the whole thing as well.

Redesign and Rationale:

According to Jakob Nielsen (Nielsen, 1995), designer needs to provide flexibility and efficiency of use for product. Designer should allow users to preform actions according to their demand.

Each socket sold separately so customers will be able to add up or subtract as they need Each socket is rotatable. Be able to put bulky size charger in one power stripEach socket has a switch, on and offBe able to replace any socket any time when there is a short circuit


Safety issue if using sockets exceeding the limited number What is the limited number of add-ups can be used in one power strip?Other physical issue about electricity current, voltage, etc.

Creative design:

The designs on the left really caught my attention. I believe a great interactive design allow users to have greater possibility of manipulating with the products according to their preferences.


Nielsen. Jakob, (1995), 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design


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